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November 1, 2023

Quantum Secure SD-WAN – Bid goodbye to encryption breach

The network world out there is unsafe with infrastructure and confidentiality of information at stake; organisations cannot risk attacks. Quantum computers can break the encryptions, leading to compromising the network infrastructure. The key here is to secure your network from quantum attackers. Organisations using SD-WAN must understand that SD-WAN is not designed with a security feature; it is at the users’ discretion to opt for the best security options to protect from attacks. This article elaborates on Quantum secure network for SD-WAN. Read on…

In today’s world of networking, Random Numbers are used in RSA and Network Encryption. Let’s see how!

Using random numbers, you can generate secret keys to secure data. It is impossible to predict the cryptographically secure random number. These random keys are generated to maintain data confidentiality and breaches. A process like Hash-based Message Authentication Codes (HMACs) uses random numbers to verify data integrity and are used to strengthen encryption methods like RSA, protecting them from factorisation attacks.

Entering the vulnerable world of the network using the pseudo-random number encryption method
It is essential to generate keys from strong random number sources to prevent decrypting of protected data. The lack of randomness can allow attackers to break the keys using force and systematic options. The use of weak random numbers facilitates easy penetration into encryption algorithms. In the case of RSA encryption, hackers can use factoring methods to break the secret key. The encryption key can be broken using cryptographic systems like electromagnetic emissions or power consumption, called side-channel attacks. This could happen if random numbers are not generated securely. Cryptographic applications use Pseudo-random number generators carefully to avoid predictable outputs. Sometimes, there is an intentional breach by inserting backdoors into encryption products. This gives unauthorised access by breaching encryption.

What are Quantum random number generators?
The quantum phenomenon used to create true random numbers is called QRNGs.

All about Quantum Secure SD-WAN
Data transmission in WAN is at risk without encryption keys. QRNG are used to create cryptographic keys with unique randomness, making them impregnable by hackers as these numbers are highly unpredictable. With quantum random numbers, you can eliminate the patterns, making it impossible to guess the encryption key. Cryptographic algorithms can become prey to mathematical cryptanalysis and factorisation, but quantum random numbers can eliminate this issue, giving no scope for hackers to exploit the system. The security structure of SD-WAN can be beefed up by using quantum random numbers. It can help the network infrastructure’s confidentiality, protection, and integrity, vamping the network industry with the SMOAD SD-WAN system.

SMOAD presents a Quantum-powered SD-WAN router with advanced features and the latest technology, assuring superior security and performance.

The following features make SMOAD’s Quantum-powered SD-WAN routers unique.

  • Integrated with QRNG, ensuring the encryption keys are generated with true randomness, thereby eliminating the possibility of cryptanalysis and other weaknesses.
  • Use QRNG to generate encryption keys, making it difficult for hackers to detect patterns or biases.
  • Designed for data protection and securing business-critical applications.
  • Advanced and offer protection from potential threats. The post-quantum security technology keeps your network infrastructure secure from future threats.
  • Facilitate multiple Internet of Things (IoT) by managing IoT devices, seamless connectivity, improving visibility, and enhancing control.
  • Support video analytics for surveillance, business intelligence, traffic monitoring, etc.
  • Offer optimised edge routing for low-latency data routing at the edge.
  • Deliver multi-layered security to protect from multiple threats.
  • Simplify network management through centralised control, giving an enriched user experience.
  • Customisation as per your business specifications, giving scope for expansion.

SMOAD’s Quantum-powered SD-WAN routers can be used in finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, government, telecommunications, energy and utilities, logistics, entertainment, aerospace, and defence.

SMOAD’s Quantum-powered SD-WAN routers help in protecting sensitive financial information. It maintains customer information privacy through enhanced IoT device security and data authentication. In the e-commerce industry, it secures payment processing through QRNG encrypted keys. Sensitive government information is secured using QRNG encryption. QRNG encryption is used in energy grids for the purpose monitor and control. You can enjoy a seamless performance of streaming services using QRNG-generated keys for better user engagement.

This is not all, and there is more to it.

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