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November 15, 2023

The Benefits of SD-WAN for Moving Vehicles

Even a few minutes of internet downtime can let all hell break loose in today’s competitive world. Depending on the enterprise, WAN can only leave you guessing about link failures, and the situation is worse for vehicles on the move. SD-WAN can significantly improve the network connectivity for your vehicles. It has revolutionised the passenger, cargo, and public service sectors. SD-WAN is a reliable solution for seamless and secure connectivity for moving vehicles.

The biggest challenge about in-vehicle deployment rests in connectivity; however, there are other issues like persistence of network sessions, cellular signal strength, and quality of service. SD-WAN solutions for stable networks are preferred for their cloud-based management, dual modem docks, LTE-based broadband connectivity, and in-vehicle routing platforms.

Why do you need dual modems for in-vehicle network solutions?
The ideal solution to keep network connectivity going in vehicles lies in dual modems, where two cellular carriers provide connectivity simultaneously. It ensures wireless-to-wireless failover and network redundancy, resulting in very low downtime. With a Sim-Based WiFi Router, it is easy to connect to another network when the existing one fails. This backup WAN link moves to the other network within seconds, and you will not even know there was an interruption.

Today, organisations opt for seamless failover and optimised path selection, so SD-WAN suits in-vehicle deployment. Before SD-WAN, there were no cost-effective solutions to integrate links like SD-WAN and LTE.

Benefits of using SD-WAN for in-vehicle deployment
Reputed SD-WAN solutions providers like SMOAD offer intelligent path selection clubbed with affordability, making it a reliable option. The dual modems route traffic depending on the signal strength, latency, and jitters. It maximises the bandwidth, keeping your applications up and running constantly. During a failure, the router is notified that the primary link is deteriorating, and the following possible link is accessed. Business critical applications are moved to the next LTE connection for seamless data flow. Less significant traffic remains on the primary link.

The auto tunnel technology moves the VPN tunnel from one WAN to another without rebuilding it. In the event of a transition, it helps in data loss. The network administrator can stay ahead of time by configuring in advance to prevent downtime or data loss. During the process, money can be saved with multiple metered WAN links used only during impairment. It is different from traditional SD-WAN, where multiple links are always active.

Applications that require high bandwidth are the most benefit from in-vehicle SD-WAN. Network Routers can change from WiFi to cellular data and vice-versa, saving data while offloading video to the cloud. Similarly, an emergency call can switch from a WiFi network to a cellular carrier, especially if it is out of WiFi range. Organisations processing financial transactions can benefit from failover when SD-WAN solutions are enabled.

SD-WAN benefits fleet operators as it helps to automate processes while providing visibility, consolidation, and security. SD-WAN is designed to meet the vehicle’s environmental conditions. The routers can quickly change to available connectivity, guaranteeing reliable connectivity. Aggregating and bonding various transport means like 5G, 4G, LTE, broadband, WiFi, and satellite can enhance network performance. SD-WAN routers can automatically route business-critical traffic across high-bandwidth links and low-priority traffic via low-cost links.

SD-WAN for in-vehicle connectivity comes with security benefits like end-to-end segmentation to protect critical information, encrypted tunnels for data privacy, and protection from security threats using enterprise firewalls, URL filtering, and IPS. The best feature of SDMOAD SD-WAN is end-to-end visibility for applications across the SD-WAN framework. With SD-WAN, you can simplify your fleet IT operations. Optimised fleet operations can ensure reliability, security, visibility, and availability.

IoT devices powering your fleet, cloud-based office applications, and devices used by your employees, SD-WAN can power everything. The dashboard simplifies the IT operations. Uniformity of policy control is a key feature of SD-WAN, resulting in an automatic policy-based framework as the solution is centrally managed. Features like flexible network management can help you control and manage security, network, and cloud functions from a centralised location. It can give you the flexibility to deploy new connections.

SMOAD SD-WAN for road warriors
SD-WAN for road warriors enables mobile users to securely access business apps from any place geographically, even on the move.

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